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As part of your preparation for taking SHL online psychometric tests and questionnaires, you may find the technical support information below helpful. This will ensure that you are technically prepared before taking the test or questionnaire.

SHL/CEB Support Site

In the unlikely event you experience technical difficulties, please visit the CEB Support Site, which contains an FAQ section to help with common problems. In addition, you can also submit technical support requests through this site.

How to test browser compatibility

SHL/CEB provide a browser compatibility tool, which quickly and easily checks whether your web browser is compatible with CEB’s online tests and assessment tools. To check your browser for compatibility, click here.

System compatibility

Here is a summary of device and system requirements for taking CEB/SHL tests:

  • Operating System Requirements
    The following hardware is recommended by CEB – the test provider:

    • A laptop or desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10.
    • An Apple Mac or Macintosh machine with a 10.x Operating System (Apple 10.x OS).
    • iPads, tablets and smart phones are currently not supported
  • Internet Connection
    • Broadband is recommended for best performance
  • Browser Settings
    Before attempting the SHL tests, please disable any ‘Pop-up’ Window Blocking, software or Firewalls that may prevent the test from downloading successfully. Importantly, University or Company networks may have security restrictions in place. Hence, please check with your local Systems Administrator before attempting to alter PC/browser settings and take the test on a private network.


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