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one-day course
Recruit the best candidates and improve business performance.

A comprehensive recruitment and selection training course covering interviewing skills and candidate screening methodology with hands-on exercises and practice interviews.

Target Audience

The one-day training course in recruitment and selection is ideal for managers with limited experience of recruitment. It develops skills and confidence in interviewing new team members, to produce an accurate assessment, as well as understanding the whole selection process.

In addition, we can also deliver a more extensive course based over 2 days that includes
competency based interviewing techniques.

Course Aim

This practical one-day recruitment and selection course provides delegates with the skills, knowledge and confidence to recruit and select the right team member for the job.

We recommend that the recruitment and selection training programme takes into consideration your company’s recruitment and selection process. As a result, this will ensure that the training embeds best practice across the organisation.

Importantly, delegates go on to practice their interviewing skills during the course. We use either internal candidates (not attending the programme and unfamiliar to the participants); or candidates external to the organisation. Consequently, this provides participants with more of a "real life" experience.

Course Objectives

By the end of the one-day training course, the participants will have:

  • Recognised the importance of adopting a structured recruitment process and the use of relevant selection methods
  • Screened candidates’ CVs or application forms using an agreed selection criteria for a job role and identify anomalies for further research
  • Prepared for a first stage selection interview to ensure they create the right first impressions and candidate engagement
  • Asked effective questions and accurately assess the candidate’s potential suitability for the role
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Course Overview

  •  Effective recruitment and selection methods
    • Cost of poor recruitment decisions
    • Role of manager and HR within the current selection process
    • Selection methods and their validity
    • Positioning and benefits of using a structured screening criteria and process
    • Rotating flipchart exercise, short presentation and group discussion 
  • Screening and short listing job applicants
    • Essential skills and attributes
    • Considerations for screening application forms or CVs
    • Areas of the application or CVs to focus on
    • Using your selection criteria for screening applicants
    • Group discussion and ‘screening applications’ exercise using job applications for a pre selected job role (if using internal or external candidates, this exercise would act as preparation for the interview practice sessions)
  • Structuring and preparing for interviews 
    • Introducing the WASP structure and it’s benefits
    • Creating the right first impressions
    • Building rapport and empathy
    • Biographical information covered
    • Selling the organisation and the job
    • Preparing yourself, the environment
    • Preparing the candidate
    • Demonstration with group learning review, small group exercise and feedback
  • Using effective questions
    • Types of questions to use at an interview
    • Applying questions to build rapport, uncover experience, motivation fit, and aptitude for the role
    • Recognising questions to avoid and why (awareness of employment legislation and the ‘horns and halo’ effect)
    • Group discussion, trainer presentation, questioning exercise in pairs or trios 
  • Actively listening and taking notes
    • Active listening, reflecting back and summarising responses
    • Note taking
    • Energising listening activity and review, trainer presentation tips plus some short exercises to practice actively listening, note taking and summarising candidate responses
  • Preparing for the selection interview
    • Briefing and interview preparation
  • Conducting a selection interview
    • Practising skills of interviewer, note taker and observer
    • Practice sessions with observer feedback – option to utilise internal candidates to make the practice session more ‘real life’
  • Making the selection decision
    • Evaluating and rating evidence
    • Using a rating scale
    • Recommending the next stage in the selection process
    • Trainer tips presentation, short exercise in trios to rate candidate responses followed by whole group review of candidates to compare ratings (if using external candidates)
  • Applying the learning and next steps
    • Review of learning and action planning
    • Course feedback

The training will be supported with:

  • an optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading
  • a colour printed workbook with tips, techniques and space for personal notes
  • an interview practice pack

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Written by Kim Larkins

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Download the course overview for recruitment and selection training, by clicking the link below:

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Really useful and informative.
Kate Axpen, Commercial Events Manager, KUSCO


Really enjoyable day. Lots of useful techniques that we can apply to recruitment.
Name withheld, P3 Charity*


Interesting, good pace, gained a lot of information for recruitment which was ideal.
Matt Redwood, Residences Manager, KUSCO


Interesting and enjoyable. Role play idea was good and increased confidence within the group.
Navroop Panesar, HR Business Partner, KUSCO


Really valuable day which helped give structure to the recruitment process. Great confidence builder.*

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