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Team building

Belbin Team Building

A fun and highly practical Belbin team building event to improve team performance at work.

Our Belbin expert provides a real understanding of your team’s dynamics, in a half-day or one-day workshop.

The KSL Belbin workshop delivers real results by nurturing a better understanding of the team, by providing valuable insights into each person’s preferred Team Roles. In addition, we also look at how that affects the way the team works.

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Our Belbin workshops suit any team, of between 6 to 20 people. Participants may be in any job roles, within diverse industries. We will also accommodate larger groups upon request.

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The Belbin team building workshop will provide each team member with:

  • A better understanding of each other, and their preferred roles
  • An opportunity to complete a series of tasks to achieve a team goal whilst utilising the strengths of all team members

Team participants complete the Belbin Questionnaire before the workshop. We then explain each of the nine Belbin Team Roles (Types) in an interactive and fun way during an interactive team building event.

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Although each Belbin team event may vary according to client needs, an example outline is provided below:

Defining teamwork:

First of all, we run a ‘shapes exercise’ with group discussion, to define teamwork.

Understanding the characteristics of Belbin Team Roles:

Includes an overview presentation on Belbin Team Roles and a discussion using famous people as examples of each team role.

Sharing your preferred Team Roles:

A facilitated discussion with individual feedback.

Utilising Belbin within the team:

Finally, we run a team challenge! In summary, this is a mix of small team building exercises to help aid the understanding of each of the nine Belbin Team Roles.

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As part of a facilitated Belbin team building event, we ask all participants to complete the online Belbin Team Roles Questionnaire. As a result, accurate self-insights are available on the day.

The Belbin Questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete online, with no right or wrong answers. It highlights the team role each team member takes within a team and the associated behaviours that they are likely to display with the role.

In summary, the Belbin questionnaire presents the participant with a choice of behaviours displayed within a team. As a result, the participant then has to decide which behaviour best describes themselves whilst at work. Finally, once the team member has completed the questionnaire, an automated Belbin report is made available for self-review.

The Belbin Team Roles (Team Types) Questionnaire is the result of extensive research undertaken by Dr. Meredith Belbin at Henley Management College. Belbin’s work shows that teams comprising a balance of mixed team roles outperform teams without this balance.

Importantly, there are a number of options offered from the computer generated Belbin Team Roles profile reports. You may like to consider purchasing these prior to your team building event. Hence, we list below some of the more popular reports, but are happy to advise on other reports, should these not suit your overall goal:

Self Perception Inventory:

As the name suggests, this report focuses on the individual’s perception of how they work within a team and their preferred clusters of behaviour.

Self and Observer Assessment:

This report concentrates on the individual’s self-perception of how they work in a team, along with up to six colleague’s observations. In particular, this can be very helpful in raising an individual’s self-awareness and self-esteem when managed effectively.

Team Report:

This Belbin Team Roles Report is very useful in helping the manager of the team understand the whole of the team dynamics. In addition, it predicts how the team will work together. The Team Report is also ideal for use with a new team, to help the manager identify the steps he/she may need to take to enhance the team’s overall effectiveness.

Counselling Report:

The Counselling Report is for managers. It offers feedback and advice on adopting the most appropriate management style that best fit with their team role strengths and allowable weaknesses. The report focuses on the participant’s top two preferred team roles.

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