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Management training

First Line Manager Training – part 2

Essential management training for new managers, team leaders and supervisors.

Take your management skills to the next level, with part two of our first line manager training. Run in-house, at your company offices, or as ‘bite-size’ virtual training via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

A one-day team leader training course for new managers and supervisors, to build confidence and develop key leadership and communication skills. The training also introduces practical techniques to help manage change, team conflict and difficult behaviour.

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Suitable for new managers, team leaders and supervisors.

Course objectives

By the end of this one-day team leader course, the participants will have:

  • Recognised the characteristics of high performing teams and identified ways to engender effective team working
  • Been introduced to different styles of communication and how to adapt their communication style to create understanding and rapport with others
  • Identified strategies for helping team members cope with their potential responses to change in the workplace
  • Identified and practised techniques for managing difficult behaviour in the workplace

See course overview

Characteristics of high performance teams

  • Defining a team
  • Characteristics of high performing teams
  • Stages of group development
  • Ways to engender team working
  • Group exercise ‘shapes’ and review, facilitator presentation, small group and individual exercise

Communication Styles

  • Perceptions and filters
  • Appreciating different communication styles
  • Identifying our own communication style and preference
  • Adjusting to other communication styles when managing team members
  • Individual questionnaire, facilitator presentation, small group exercises, facilitated group review

Emotional responses to change

  • Business and personal impacts of failing to deal with people’s needs & concerns
  • Identifying our own response to change
  • DREC change curve
  • Identifying each phase and responding appropriately
  • Conveying compelling reasons for change
  • Practical activity and discussion in small groups with group learning review, facilitator presentation, individual exercise

Managing difficult behaviour in the workplace

  • What causes difficult behaviour
  • Strategies for responding to different behaviour styles
  • Resolving conflict in a constructive way
  • Facilitator presentation, small group exercise, facilitated group review

Next steps

  • Review of learning
  • Personal action planning
  • Course feedback

The training will be supported with:

  • A participant pre-course questionnaire and Communication Styles Questionnaire
  • A colour printed workbook with tips, techniques and space for personal notes
  • Access to our portfolio of management tips and performance guides

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