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Leadership Skills Course

Develop key leadership skills to get the best from your team.

Practical leadership skills training to help leaders adapt their leadership style to achieve greater business results and employee engagement. Run in-house at your company offices in London and across the UK. Also available as ‘bite-size’ virtual training via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

This leadership skills course helps leaders in middle to senior roles channel their focus, effort and style of leadership to achieve a shared business vision.

In addition, leaders will identify where and how they can extend their influence and value to create maximum business results.

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Suitable for those in middle to senior leadership roles.

Course objectives

By the end of the two-day leadership skills training, participants will have:

  • Conveyed their vision in an engaging manner to those with a different style of communication.
  • Enhanced their strategic thinking and business plans to create future success.
  • Identified ways they can enhance their personal focus and style of leadership to create better business outcomes.
  • Utilised techniques that can create higher employee engagement and performance levels.

Course methods

The course is highly interactive, giving leaders the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues. In addition, we utilise a mix of learning methods during the training, that include:

  • Facilitator presentation and facilitation
  • Individual self-assessment questionnaire
  • Group discussion, exercises and activities
  • Business presentations

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Day One

Difference between Leadership and Management

  • Distinguishing between the two
  • Getting the balance right with a future focus

Communicating your vision

  • What is the vision and mission for your business?
  • How do you articulate the vision to your business area?
  • Communication Styles
  • Adapting your communication to enhance your employee engagement

Developing your Business Strategy

  • Setting milestones and interim goals
  • Breaking down resources, processes, people expertise, development to create future success.

Building the Company Brand

  • What is a Brand?
  • Recognisable Brands
  • What is your niche as a business that makes your Brand recognisable?
  • How will you make your brand more recognisable to existing or future customers to strengthen the business?
  • Connecting your stakeholders

Review of day

  • Review of learning and action planning
  • Preparation for next day
Day Two

John Adair Centred Leadership

  • Task, Business Area and Manager or Task, Team and Individual (depending on level)
  • What are the areas you focus on naturally?
  • What do you need to focus more on to ensure your all areas are covered and the business is effective?

Improving Performance within your business area

  • Situational Leadership using Skill/Will model

Managing Risk

  • What are the current and future key risks for your business area?
  • How can you manage these without causing other business risk?

Decision Making

  • Generic business outcomes
  • Business goals
  • Focal areas for your business areas to meet the overall goals
  • Communicating and motivating your business areas

Review of the two-day leadership course

  • Review of learning and action planning
  • Next steps

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This two-day leadership skills course is a great start in enabling the leaders to build their collective focus, expertise and energy towards achieving outstanding business results.

To help them navigate through their specific challenges and opportunities, why not commission us to help build a unique programme, with one of our outstanding leadership facilitators?


We can blend the leadership development training for you with some coaching options, that can include:

  • On-line assessment pre-programme using one on-line psychometric, behavioural or 360 assessment with one-to-one feedback and coaching.
  • One-to-one coaching mid or post programme, working on your leader’s personal leadership challenges.
  • Co-coaching established within the leadership programme, to actively encourage an internal support network for leaders.
  • Work shadow coaching with one of our leadership consultants. This will bring their workplace well-being expertise, as well as their personal leadership experience, to observe a leader for the day. As a result, they’ll offer the leadership constructive and supportive feedback. This will include practical strategies that can transform what and how they operate to achieve the best business outcomes.

Action Learning Sets

Forming a small group of around 4 to 8 leaders, our action learning set facilitator will enable the leaders to work on a specific business problem and identify the best solution. As a result, our facilitator will:

  • Ensure balanced contribution within the group
  • Foster a new way of learning
  • Encourage on-going collaborative working outside of the meetings and on a longer-term basis
  • Act as a neutral reference point
  • Stimulate and challenge diverse thinking (with broad toolkit of activities and techniques to hand)

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Following on from the two-day leadership skills course, we have optional one-day modules to help you address the skills development you are seeking for your leaders. Contact us for more information.

Module 2: Building High Performance Teams

  • Helps managers develop the knowledge and skills to create and maintain a high performing team. Utilises the Belbin Team Roles model and self-perception inventory.

Module 3: Performance Management

  • Provides managers with the tools to effectively performance manage. Includes setting objectives, conducting reviews and giving constructive and motivational feedback.

Module 4: Maximising Time & Delegation Skills

  • Enhances managers’ capability to maximise their own and team members’ time and performance. Includes time management, assertiveness and delegation techniques.

Module 5: Coaching and Developing Team for High Performance

  • Equips managers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to get the best out of their teams and themselves. Utilises a coaching approach to performance and learning in the workplace.

Module 6: Managing People Through Change

  • Equips the managers with clear insights on how to motivate and communicate with people through corporate culture or organisational change.

Module 7: Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

  • Helps managers acquire an insight into why people behave in difficult ways. In addition, it develops strategies and techniques to deal with difficult people and behaviour at work.

Module 8: Recruiting High Performers

  • Provides managers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to recruit and select the right team member for the job whilst maximising the candidate experience.

Module 9: Creative Problem Solving

  • Offers managers the techniques to think more creatively, solve problems and making effective decisions.

Module 10: Finance for Non-Financial Managers

  • Provides managers with the financial awareness to make effective commercial decisions for the business.

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