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Increase communication and understanding within your team
Raise team motivation and understanding with a fun, interactive MBTI Team Building Workshop with one of our licensed MBTI practitioners.

MBTI Workshop

The MBTI Questionnaire (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is widely used in organisations for personality type assessment, helping people to become more appreciative and tolerant of other preferred styles of communication and patterns of behaviour. The questionnaire identifies a range of Myers Briggs personality types which are invaluable for understanding team dynamics and relationships.

We facilitate a half-day, or full-day MBTI workshop to draw out the different Myers Briggs personality types for you. Each delegate completes the MBTI questionnaire before the event.

Download an example MBTI report (PDF – 140KB)


Our Myers Briggs workshops help to explain each of the communication preferences from the MBTI Questionnaire in an interactive, supportive and fun way, helping each team member to acquire insights about how they and their colleagues prefer to take in information and make decisions.

The MBTI workshop enables the team to review how well it communicates and works together as well as identifying changes they would like to make.


The MBTI team building workshop will provide each team member with:

  • An insight into how each team member prefers to communicate and make decisions based on their Myers Briggs personality types and profile
  • An appreciation of how their communication preferences influence their overall team interactions

Workshop Outline

  • Understanding MBTI Type: overview presentation and discussion of MBTI Type with practical examples to help participants understand each communication preference and start to make an assessment of their own preferences.
  • Deciding your preferred Type: individual review and coaching, reading of Introduction to Type booklet to assist self assessment. Each participant’s preference is then recorded onto flipchart to enable the whole team to see each person’s preference and start to gain some insights into the team’s overall communication preference.
  • Acquiring insights on your preferred Type: facilitated group review of each person’s preferred Type in the team.
  • Valuing differences: 4 interactive exercises and group discussions to explore the communication preferences and differences to increase understanding. Participants are split into two teams for each exercise according to their self assessed preference enabling them to confirm their assessment and observe the opposite preference with their colleagues. A review of each exercise is conducted enabling key insights to be shared and learning to be applied to the working environment.
  • Review of Team preference dimensions: group review of team’s collective communication preferences. Facilitated discussion on the potential impact and how best to address any perceived under or over utilisation of communication preferences within the team.

The MBTI workshop will be supported with:

  • an on-line MBTI questionnaire that takes about 25 minutes to complete prior to the workshop
  • an individual MBTI report
  • an Introduction to Type booklet

MBTI Results

Based upon their individual responses to the Myers Briggs Questionnaire each team member will receive a short automated report to identify which of the sixteen personality types best describes themselves. Within the same report the team member will be able to see the level of strength of their communication preferences as well as some initial insights into their reported MBTI type.

The Myers Briggs personality type represents a team member’s preference in four separate categories, with each category composed of opposite poles. The four categories describe key areas that combine to form the basis of an individual’s personality type as follows:

  • Where you focus your attention – Extraversion (E) or Intraversion (I)
  • The way you take in information – Sensing (S) or (N) INtuition
  • The way you make decisions – Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  • How you deal with the outer world – Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

The results of the MBTI questionnaire are for each team member and will only be disclosed to other team members at the MBTI team building session supported by an agreement of confidentiality.

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Download the course outlines for the half-day and full-day MBTI team building workshops by clicking the links below:

Download half-day workshop PDF

Download one-day workshop PDF


Very well presented. Great preparation was evident. Clear explanations of ‘types’. Best of three experiences of this type of event. Good team involvement facilitated by trainer. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Lynne Head, Manager, The Home Office*


Very enjoyable, interesting concepts, learnt lots!
Steve Norman, Network Design & Customer Relations, AboveNet Communications*


Insightful …. Great food for thought. Accelerated sense of team and move senior management team on in a positive direction.
Chris Staley, Deputy Head, Milton Abbey School*


I enjoyed the opportunity to share profiles as this will help develop optimal interactions with my colleagues.”
Fiona Helmsley, Head of Research Operations, Institute of Cancer Research*

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