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Virtual training for remote working teams

Virtual Training

We offer a range of 2 to 6 hour online virtual training workshops and 1 hour coaching sessions. Each is specifically designed to help support our clients and their teams, as they continue to work from home or transition their teams back into the workplace.

These coaching sessions and training workshops enable support directly into the homes of remote working staff to support them with the challenges they face. Each session is run in a collaborative and engaging online training format, led by an experienced trainer.
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Bite-Size Virtual Training Programmes

Choose from our range of focused virtual training and coaching sessions to build a programme that meets the needs of your leaders and their team members:

1. Leading and Managing Virtual and Hybrid Teams

For senior leaders and middle managers…

* What is VUCA? *

2. Management Essentials

For first line managers and team leaders…
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3. Managing Virtual Meetings and Events

For professionals leading virtual meetings or events…

4. Working in a Virtual or Hybrid Team

For team members…

5. Wellbeing Masterclass

Our interactive one-hour Wellbeing Masterclass is ideal for remote working and hybrid teams. It’s run as a webinar over Zoom or MS Teams, by our experienced Wellbeing Consultant Sam Ellis.
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Building The Right Virtual Training Programme For You

Blended Learning: For all virtual training programmes, we can build a blended learning programme that meets your participant training needs and availability, from ‘Bite size’ to ¾ day:

  • Virtual training sessions to…
  • One-to-one virtual coaching sessions and
  • Facilitated virtual team meetings

Modular Learning: Build the right programme with these:

  • ‘Bite Size’ modules (for up to 8 to 12 participants, topic dependent) or…
  • ¾ day programme (for up to 8 participants) for increased depth of learning or…
  • 2 to 4 ‘Bite Size’ modules if you prefer

Editable Journals: All programmes come with a participant journal in an editable PDF format, enabling participants to make personal notes and take away the tools and techniques covered within the training.

Virtual Meeting Platform: KSL’s preferred training platform is Zoom. Other virtual meeting platforms such as MS Teams can be catered for with a small re-design fee and early facilitator access for training preparation.

Participant Zoom Briefing: Participants are provided with either a ten minute video demonstrating how to use Zoom or attend a short virtual briefing session prior to the training.

Pre and Post Learning: To align the training to real world challenges, participants are encouraged to identify workplace situations before the training so that they can relate the tools and techniques covered to solving these in the best way. They are then provided with a Participant Coaching Guide to help facilitate their application of learning after the training.

Measuring Results: Managers are also encouraged through a Manager Coaching Guide and Post Training Evaluation Form to actively support the learners learning and measure the impact of the training on their performance.

Adapting our Face-to-Face Courses: We have converted many of our current standard course offerings to a virtual learning format. The optimum number for our adapted half and full day meeting room based programmes is 6 to 8 to ensure each participant achieves their learning goals.

Our virtual courses include, but are not limited to:

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