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Practical interviewing training for better selection decisions

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Competency Based Interviewing Course

Reduce staff turnover and select high performers to your team.

Using the Competency Based Interviewing technique within your selection interviews will help you identify those that will perform well within your team.

This practical course will enhance participants’ skills, knowledge and confidence in recruiting and selecting the right team member for the job using the competency based interviewing technique. Available as a half-day or one-day training programme.

We recommend that the competency based interview training is embedded with two to four of your core competencies that are used in the majority of jobs within the organisation to help embed the consistency of selection decisions.

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For those who are responsible for making the selection decision for new members to their team and already have some experience in recruitment. It can also be tailored to meet the needs of team leaders, managers and recruitment practitioners.

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After completing this course, participants will have:

  • Practised competency based interviewing techniques using the CARL questioning method
  • Evaluated and grouped data according to a competency
  • Made objective selection decisions based on the evidence acquired

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Positioning of Competency Based Interviewing

  • What are competencies, competency frameworks and how they benefit the organisation and their people
  • Short presentation and group discussion

Structuring competency based interviews

  • Format and techniques of a competency based interview
  • Reminder of the WASP interview structure
  • Preparing the candidate for a competency based interview
  • Time and structure needed to explore each competency
  • Use of competency based interview guide
  • Facilitator demonstration with volunteer, small group work and group discussion, review of interview practice pack

Acquiring evidence – questioning & listening skills

  • CARL questioning method
  • Handling candidate responses to questions
  • Observing candidate behaviours and recording responses
  • Summarising candidate responses
  • Acquiring full evidence exercise in small groups, facilitator presentation tips, and CARL questioning and summarising practice exercise in pairs using one core competency, group review of learning

Conducting a competency based interview

  • Practising skills of interviewer, note taker and observer
  • Practice sessions with internal or external candidates and observer feedback

Making the selection decision

  • Evaluating and rating evidence
  • Using a rating scale
  • Recommending the next stage in the selection process
  • Trainer tips presentation, exercise in trios to review and evaluate candidate responses and assign a rating, whole group review of candidate ratings and recommendations

Review and next steps

  • Applying the learning
  • Further support
  • Individual exercise and group review

The interviewing training will be supported with:

  • an optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading
  • a colour printed workbook with tips, techniques and space for personal notes
  • an interview practice pack with competency based interview questions

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This course is delivered as “in-house training” at the business premises of our client, anywhere in the UK. Contact us for pricing or to discuss your needs.

Training Dates

Flexible to suit client needs.

In-House Training Locations

Our trainers deliver in-house competency based interview training to companies across the UK, including the following locations:

  • London and the South East
  • The Thames Valley – including Slough, Maidenhead, Oxford and Swindon
  • Cambridge
  • Norwich and East Anglia
  • Leeds and Bradford
  • Manchester and the North West
  • Southampton and Bournemouth
  • Birmingham and the Midlands
  • Nottingham
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff and South Wales
  • Exeter and the South West
  • Newcastle
  • Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland

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At KSL Training, all our in-house courses include some tailoring to your business, as standard. For example, we will embed your own work-based scenarios into the training, at no additional cost.

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