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Delegation training

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one-day course
Become more productive at work, by learning effective delegation skills and techniques.

Learn how to delegate tasks and motivate others with this practical one day delegation training course, which includes fun exercises.

Target Audience

Delegation skills training is ideal for team leaders and managers wanting to enhance their own productivity and focus on their crucial goals, by delegating tasks and projects to their team members.

Course Aim

In this practical course participants will be provided with a range of tools and templates to help them learn how to delegate tasks and use effective delegation as a key development tool to motivate and challenge their people. It will identify all the considerations that need to taken before, during and after a task has been delegated.

Course Objectives

By attending one of our delegation training courses, participants will have:

  • Stated what the definition of delegation is and appreciated what stops managers from delegating
  • Articulated the benefits of effective delegation and described the effects of good delegation
  • Practised how to delegate effectively
  • Practised using questions to review progress and given feedback on their progress
  • Identified tasks that can be delegated and the best team member to delegate these tasks to
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Course Overview

  • What is delegation?
    • Definition of delegation
    • Why managers don’t delegate
    • Paired exercise and group discussion
  • The effects and benefits of good delegation 
    • Benefits of effective delegation
    • Managers past experiences of delegation
    • Key principles for effective delegation
    • Group exercise with presentation pitch, group discussion and review
  • How to delegate effectively
    • An exercise in how not to delegate
    • What we can learn from this exercise
    • The art of delegation – six steps to effective delegation
    • Delegation preparation checklist
    • Assigning tasks for delegation
    • Facilitator demonstration and whole group exercise, short presentation, individual exercise with group learning review
  • Communicating delegated task
    • Delegation communication checklist
    • Conveying delegated task to team member
    • Review of checklist and short practice sessions in pairs with group learning review
  • Recording and prioritising delegated tasks
    • Recording and prioritising long and short term goals and tasks
    • Completing action plans for delegated task
    • Presentation using example templates, individual exercise and group review
  • Monitoring progress and giving feedback
    • Asking questions to review progress
    • Reviewing performance
    • Giving feedback and recognition
    • Facilitator demonstration of techniques, practice sessions and group review
  • Applying the learning
    • Identifying core team skills using Team Skills Matrix
    • Identifying tasks for delegation
    • Individual exercises, group review
  • Reviewing the learning and next steps
    • Review of learning and action planning
    • Course feedback

The delegation training will be supported with:

  • An optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading
  • A colour printed workbook with tips, techniques and space for personal notes
  • Templates can be emailed to participants after the delegation course

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Written by Kim Larkins

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Download the course overview for delegation skills training, by clicking the link below:

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Good course made us think about why to delegate instead of thinking of negatives and doing all ourselves.


Very helpful. Helped me crystallise my thoughts about staff and delegation in terms of broad principles and approaches. Good role play exercises for learning.


Very helpful. It enabled me to re-evaluate how I am currently delegating tasks and how I communicate them to the individual.


A very useful course, delivered with good humour which livened up a potentially dry subject. Very knowledgeable presenter with relevant real life examples.


Good, made me think a lot about my day to day workload and how I currently cope with it. I now have some skills to put to the test with my team.
Cathleen Bentley, Associate Field Director, 2CV


Really useful. Very knowledgeable facilitator, also encouraging + motivating.
Callie Hewett, Assoc. Director – Qualitative, 2CV


I enjoyed the day and felt that I benefited from the material and have an idea how I will free up more time and effectively delegate to my team.
Steve Snarey, Bars & Cellar Supervisor, Racecourse Newbury

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Delegation skills training is one of our as “in-house courses”, delivered at the business premises of our client anywhere in the UK, or at a venue of your choice. Contact us for pricing or to discuss your needs.

Training Dates

Flexible to suit client needs.

In-House Training Locations

We deliver in-house delegation training courses to companies across the UK, with local trainers in the following locations:

  • London and the South East
  • The Thames Valley – including Reading, Slough, Maidenhead, Oxford and Swindon
  • Cambridge
  • Exeter
  • Norwich and East Anglia
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