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An in-depth, practical training course for corporate trainers

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Train the Trainer Course

Our ‘train the trainer’ training helps improve skills retention from your business training programmes.

A comprehensive two-day train the trainer course which provides the skills, confidence and structure to design and deliver one-to-one training sessions in the workplace.

This in-depth two-day training programme will enable participants to write and deliver practical one-to-one training sessions for colleagues.

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Run by a highly experienced consultant, our train the trainer training is designed for those who are responsible for on-the-job training, or induction of team members in key tasks. The course would suit an induction buddy, coach, internal trainer, or supervisor, looking to improve their training skills.

Course objectives

By the end of this two-day training course, the participants will have:

  • Identified the role of the Trainer
  • Explained how adults learn and the importance of recognising learning styles / preferences
  • Analysed tasks in order to plan effective one to one training
  • Designed one practical training session using a simple structure to meet specified training needs
  • Delivered one short piece of practical training
  • Provided constructive feedback to learners following practice sessions

See course overview

Day One

The role of the trainer and benefits of training

  • Defining training and identifying role of the trainer
  • Benefits of training for the organisation, the trainee & the trainer
  • Pairs exercise, small group exercise and facilitated discussion

The Learning Cycle

  • The ways we learn, the Learning cycle
  • Aids and barriers to learning
  • Facilitator presentation and group discussion, small group practical activity

Learning Styles Inventory completion

  • Completion of the Learning Styles questionnaire
  • Individual completion of questionnaire

Learning Styles

  • Ways we approach tasks and attributes of the different learning styles
  • Small group exercise with presentation and group discussion

An introduction to the ABC Model

  • Reason for the model and structuring training sessions
  • Explanation, presentation, and group discussion

Attention Phase & Practice Sessions 

  • Importance of gaining a trainee’s attention at the outset
  • Writing an introduction for your training session
  • Whole group activity followed by group discussion, pairs practice activity and group feedback

Breakdown Phase – Part 1:Task Analysis 

  • Components of an effective 1:1 training session
  • Overview of the training steps and Task analysis
  • Small group exercises, trainer demonstration, individual activity with feedback

Breakdown Phase – Part 2: Involving the Trainee 

  • Finding ways to involve and engage trainees
  • Staging and questioning
  • Preparing training plan
  • Brainstorming exercise, group discussion, individual activity
Day Two

Breakdown Phase – Part 2: Involving the Trainee

  • Involving the trainee practice
  • Practice sessions with group feedback

Check Phase

  • Conducting verbal and practical checks
  • Small group exercise and facilitated group discussion

Giving Feedback

  • Importance of giving developmental & motivational feedback
  • Using a feedback model and guidelines for giving feedback
  • Group discussion, demonstration

Practice Sessions 

  • Practice sessions with observer feedback

Applying the learning and next steps

  • Review of learning, current skills and action planning
  • Course feedback

The train the trainer course will be supported with:

  • An optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading
  • A colour printed workbook with tips, techniques and space for personal notes

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