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Time management - fighting against the clock

Time Management Course

Essential time management training to help organise your daily tasks and reduce stress.

Learn effective time management skills to manage time more efficiently, including how to plan activities and get tasks done in a smarter manner, both at work and at home.

KSL’s Time Management Course aims to help managers and their staff take control of their most precious resource: time.

Participants will take a practical look at their own time demands and learn tried and tested planning tools, as well as familiarising themselves with today’s most popular time management applications.

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This time management training is for all professionals wanting to optimise how they plan, manage and control their time in our digital world.

Course objectives

By the end of this time management course, the participants will have:

  • Identified and resolved their ‘time stealers’
  • Prioritised their tasks
  • Scheduled tasks for their peak times
  • Planned tasks for the way their brain works
  • Familiarised themselves with online time management tools
  • Committed to immediate actions to take control of their time and operate more productively, and with less stress

See course overview

Basics of Time Management

  • The time management rule

Understanding what to work on

  • Your organisation or department strategy
  • Linking your tasks to the strategy

Task prioritisation

  • Peak physiological performance and time
  • Importance of breaks
  • Pomodoro technique

Time management techniques

  • Principles of time management

Ideas to help your time management

  • Practical ideas that work
  • Making the best ideas for you work

Time management best practices

  • Managing the day
  • Managing the unexpected
  • Organising your work area
  • Managing your documents
  • Working from home productively

Bringing it all together

  • Addressing your ‘time-stealers’
  • Re-planning your week
  • Next steps

The time management training will be supported with:

  • Optional participant pre-course reading
  • A colour participant journal with tips, time management techniques and space for personal notes
  • A participant and manager coaching guide to embed the learning

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