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Aimed at graduates, managers, directors and executives, The SHL/CEB Scenarios Test offers valuable insights into managerial judgement, assessing how an individual would handle challenging real world management situations and workplace pressures.

In this untimed online psychometric assessment, which typically takes around 30 minutes to complete, the individual’s judgement is tested using a number of realistic management/executive level scenarios, which have several possible responses.

The individual then rates these responses on a six point scale from ‘highly undesirable’ to ‘highly desirable’. The results are then compared with pre-defined expert answers, in order to provide a detailed assessment of managerial judgement.

The SHL Scenarios Report

Three versions of the SHL Scenarios Test are available, to assess judgement in Graduates, Managers and Senior Executives.

The Scenarios report provides an overall management judgement scale. This provides valuable insights into how the individual is likely to cope with the day-to-day demands of a real life executive or senior management role. Results are benchmarked against an appropriate comparison group.

Download a sample SHL Graduate Scenarios Report (202KB)

Download a sample SHL Management Scenarios Report (453KB)

Download a sample SHL Executive Scenarios Report (340KB)

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Detailed feedback on different aspects of managerial judgement is also provided, broken down into three key components:

  • People management – Explores the manager’s capabilities for effectively managing a team. It also assesses how adept the individual is at resolving disputes and addressing morale, motivation and performance issues in the workplace.
  • Managing objectives – Offers an important insight into the manager’s leadership skills in handling current business and operational challenges, in a practical and pragmatic manner. It indicates the individual’s likely focus and delivery against key objectives, as well as their capabilities in building relationships, task prioritisation and effective consultation.
  • Corporate and reputation management – Provides feedback on the manager’s outlook regarding maintaining a supportive and positive stance that benefits the whole organisation and helps protect corporate reputation. It also offers an insight into how willing and adept the individual is at tackling important issues facing the organisation.

Top tip

You may also wish to consider combining SHL Scenarios with an SHL OPQ for an even more effective prediction of whether the candidate is likely to put their knowledge into action.

Uses and applications

SHL Scenarios can be used in the following contexts:

  • As a psychometric test for managers, graduates, directors and executives, for use as part of the recruitment and selection process
  • For interview pre-screening and within an assessment centre
  • As part of a coaching or mentoring programme
  • Input into a management development programme
  • Identifying management potential for internal promotion

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KSL Training is a small business partner of SHL, licensed to sell and administer SHL’s psychometric tests and online assessment products. The table below shows our pricing for SHL Scenarios. Please contact us to buy this product – we will then send you the PayPal link.

Prices include report administration and consultancy support to help you fully understand and interpret the test results.

Type of SHL Test

Price (Each)

puzzleGraduate Scenarios Test

Graduate level test

[ sample report ]

One test needed per candidate. Approx 30 minutes to complete

£150.00 + VAT
puzzleManagement Scenarios Test

Manager level test

[ sample report ]

One test needed per candidate. Approx 30 minutes to complete

£150.00 + VAT
puzzleExecutive Scenarios Test

Senior executive level test

[ sample report ]

One test needed per candidate. Approx 30 minutes to complete

£175.00 + VAT
telephoneCandidate Telephone Feedback

Purchase our optional candidate telephone feedback
session to get more from the test results
(via Skype, or to a UK land-line). Price is per test.

£95 + VAT

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