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The SHL OPQ, Occupational Personality Questionnaire range provides an indication of the candidate’s perception of their preferred behavioural style at work and likely performance against important job competencies.

Importantly, the information provided here is specifically written for the OPQ32i, designed for managerial and professional roles. For any questions around the Sales Report, Customer Contact Styles or Work Styles version of the OPQ, please contact KSL Training or SHL directly.

What the Questionnaire measures

The OPQ32i, Occupational Personality Questionnaire is designed to measure a candidate’s behaviour, preferences and attitudes in relation to different aspects of their working life. Since it is based on their own level of self-awareness, the results should be explored with the candidate, either at a selection interview, or development coaching session.

Questionnaire benefits

Within a recruitment and selection context, the OPQ provides useful insights into the interviewee’s behavioural preferences. In particular, this can help ascertain their potential suitability for a specific job role, as well as the organisation’s culture. Also, in a development context, the OPQ enables you and the employee to identify potential strengths and areas for professional development.

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Questionnaire format

As this is a questionnaire has no right or wrong answer, the candidate is not timed. However, to ensure the most accurate self assessment, candidates should be encouraged to work at a quick pace and not reflect too long on each question. As a result, the candidate should take between 45 to 60 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

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In summary, the questionnaire presents the candidate with 100 questions; each offering four statements of behaviour. They then need to choose which is ‘most like’ and ‘least like’ them at work. These behaviour statements are repeated throughout the questionnaire. Consequently, this helps the candidate establish their true strength of preferred behaviour when working with others, their thinking style and their feelings and emotions whilst at work.

In addition, the questionnaire also measures how consistently the candidate has responded to the statements presented.

OPQ Versions

There are different derivatives of the SHL OPQ such as the Customer Contact Styles and Work Styles Questionnaires that you may be asked to take dependent upon your occupation. However, the preparation tips are still relevant regardless of the version you are taking.

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