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one-day course
Improve innovation and develop creative thinking in your workplace.

An inspirational one-day creativity and innovation training course to develop creative thinking – for managers and work teams.

Target Audience

Suitable for business teams, this creative thinking course is designed to help enhance creativity and promote the generation of innovative ideas.

Course Aim

This practical creativity course will provide managers and specialists with a range of simple creative thinking techniques that they can use to generate ideas and solve problems at work. Real life work problems and opportunities can be built into the workshop, enabling participants to leave with some ideas and potential solutions that can be implemented at work.

Course Objectives

By the end of the one-day creative thinking training, the participants will have:

  • An understanding of why some people are naturally creative, but also how everyone can develop their creative skills
  • Knowledge of how to use a range of creative thinking methods, tools and techniques to generate ideas and solve problems
  • The opportunity to apply the methods and tools to generate ideas for improving areas of their own work
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Course Overview

  • Benefits of using a creative approach
    • Facilitator presentation, participant personal introductions and ice breaker
  • Recognising the difference between creativity & innovation
    • Understanding the cycle of innovation
    • Facilitator presentation and group discussion
  • Breaking through thought patterns and assumptions
    • Recognising left and right brain thinking
    • Identifying how creative we are
    • Individual creative thinking exercise, group review and self assessment questionnaire
  • Enabling creativity
    • Simple methods and techniques to develop creativity
    • Identifying ways to further develop creative thinking
    • Individual practical exercises and group review
  • Methods and tools for generating ideas
    • Brainstorming or blue sky thinking session
    • Reverse brainstorming
    • Sort cards or mind maps
    • Sticky notes/Metaplanning technique
    • Identifying when best to use each idea generation technique
    • Facilitator technique demonstration with group plus learning review
  • Logical versus lateral thinking
    • Recognising the differences between lateral and logical thinking
    • Appreciating our strengths
    • Energiser exercise, short presentation, ‘Message in a bottle” exercise, review
  • Creative problem solving
    • Creative problem solving techniques
    • Using the problem checklist, “go wild” and 5 whys
    • Applying to work related problems
    • Facilitator demonstration of techniques, pairs or trios exercise
  • Applying the learning
    • Turning creative ideas into action
    • Small group practical problem solving and creative thinking activities, group feedback and review
  • Reviewing the learning and next steps
    • Review of learning and action planning

The creativity training will be supported with:

  • an optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading
  • a colour printed workbook with tips, techniques and space for personal notes

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Written by Kim Larkins

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Download the course overview for creativity and innovation training, by clicking the link below:

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Enjoyed the day – developed a way of harnessing creative thinking in a workable process.
Jennie Gambon, Head of Business Services, Association of Optometrists*


Ann pushed us into achieving far more than we thought possible and has left us with tools and skills we didn’t know we had.
Bob Hughes, Chief Executive, Association of Optometrists*


Fun, enabled me to think of new ways to create ideas.
Jaysica Mistry, Senior Customer Services, Lombard Vehicle Management*


Very enjoyable and I learnt new techniques which I will be able to apply day to day.
Pam Rai, Team Manager, Lombard Vehicle Management*

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This course is delivered as “in-house training” at the business premises of our client anywhere in the UK, or at a venue of your choice.
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Flexible to suit client needs.

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We deliver in-house creative thinking courses (or workshops) to companies across the UK, with local trainers in the following locations:

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