Terms of use for PDF downloads

All content and imagery on the KSL Training website is copyright protected. This includes our free training resources and PDF downloads, which are intended for non-commercial use only. These resources may not be modified, re-used, re-distributed, re-printed or re-published in any form without the prior written permission of KSL Consulting Ltd.

To request permission to re-use any of our content, in any form, we request that you with more information.

These terms of use also apply to the re-publication or re-use of extracts from training materials featured on the KSL Training website. It is a breach of copyright to modify, re-distribute, re-write or re-publish any of our website materials without our prior written consent.

KSL Consulting will take legal action against individuals or companies who breach the strict terms of our copyright. We regularly use Copyscape to identify web plagiarism of our content.

Copyright restrictions also apply to plagiarism involving the re-use, modification, or re-branding of our bespoke website template.

Google DMCA Take-Downs

Our parent company KSL Consulting Ltd process Google DMCA take-downs on third party websites which have plagiarised KSL Training content.

This usually results in the removal from Google of the plagiarised content. In the last twelve months KSL has processed ten DMCA take-down reports to Google and been 100% successful in removing plagiarised content from Google search.

In a recent Google announcement, the search provider states that they are also clamping down on plagiarism. In the statement, Google make clear that websites which are the subject of successful copyright removal notices may lose their search engine ranking.

Steve Larkins
Director & Webmaster
KSL Training

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