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Practical skills for dealing with challenging behaviour in the workplace and from customers.

Our one-day ‘dealing with difficult people’ training course covers strategies and techniques to manage difficult people and behaviour, producing positive outcomes. Also available in truncated form, as a half-day course.

Target Audience

The dealing with difficult people course gives delegates a valuable insight into why people behave in challenging ways. The training develops effective strategies and techniques to deal with difficult people and behaviour at work.

In addition, we also provide dealing with difficult customers training for people who experience difficult behaviour from their clients.

Course Aim

The aim of this training is to provide individuals with the skills and strategies to enable them to address difficult behaviour in the workplace. The course provides delegates with the opportunity to work on their own work situation, where they want to handle the bad behaviour more effectively. This enables them to leave the training equipped with some effective, practised strategies for achieving a more successful outcome.

Course Objectives

By the end of this one-day training course, the participants will have:

  • Considered the causes of challenging behaviour
  • Recognised different behaviour types and how to deal with them
  • Learnt techniques to deal with difficult or angry people
  • Delivered feedback assertively
  • Identified the best strategies for addressing a current difficult behaviour
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Course Overview

  • Understanding behaviour and what makes behaviour difficult
    • What is behaviour
    • Current behavioural challenges
    • What causes difficult behaviour
    • Factors affecting our behaviour and how attitudes are formed
    • Communication misunderstanding
    • Presentation, small group exercise, facilitated group discussion
  • Building a toolkit for dealing with difficult behaviour
    • Introducing the ‘Difficult Behaviour’ Toolkit
    • Current behaviour management strategies and techniques
    • Facilitated group discussion
  • Different behaviour types and how to deal with them
    • Appreciating the impact of the different styles of behaviour on each other
    • Strategies for responding to different behaviour styles
    • Resolving conflict in a constructive way
    • Facilitator presentation, small group exercise, facilitated group review
  • Using assertive communication
    • Steps to becoming more assertive
    • Using assertive language
    • Finding ways of saying ‘no’
    • Importance and impact of our non-verbal language
    • Facilitator demonstration, pairs exercise, Metaplanning exercise and facilitated group review
  • Handling and defusing conflict and emotions
    • Our reactions to conflict and difficult behaviour
    • Conflict styles questionnaire -Thomas Kiln Model
    • Summary of conflict styles
    • Defusing difficult emotions, particularly anger
    • Individual questionnaire, presentation, pairs practice exercise, facilitation
  •  Giving Constructive Feedback
    • Importance of feedback
    • Guiding principles for giving feedback
    • Group exercise, presentation, pairs practice exercise
  • Practice sessions
    • Review of ‘Difficult Behaviour’ toolkit
    • Selecting behaviour management strategies and techniques for participant’s own difficult situation
    • Group review, small group practice sessions with feedback
  • Action planning and reflection
    • Review of learning and action planning, course feedback
    • Individual reflection and action planning exercise, facilitated group review

The dealing with difficult people training will be supported with:

  • An optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading on dealing with challenging behaviour effectively
  • A colour printed workbook with behavioural management tips, techniques and space for personal notes

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Written by Kim Larkins

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Download the course overview for dealing with difficult people training, by clicking the links below:

Download half-day course PDF (608KB)

Download one-day course PDF (624KB)


Very helpful. Given techniques on how to deal with difficult situations.
Lucy Isham, Planning & Enforcement Assistant, South Lakeland District Council


I think the training was very helpful and made me think differently about how to approach situations.
Leah Siepinski, Business Admin, South Lakeland District Council


Very interesting and enjoyable session.
Chris Davies, Service Improvement Manager, Hafod Housing


Excellent trainer, very well organised, good materials and well structured. I would have liked more coverage on customer behaviour but not relevant to rest of group so can understand but did cover loads of other useful areas. Linda took the time in a break to go through some ways to cope with customer scenarios – an unexpected and very appreciated plus.


Very motivating and educational. I would like to see this rolled out to all staff who deal with staff and guests.


Excellent. Good to be able to see how others deal with situations. Ideas for me. Liked the role play in pairs and groups.


Very well presented with good material.

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