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one-day course
Learn effective minute taking and get more from the meetings your administer.
Our practical one-day minute taking courses provide hands-on training, ensuring participants become confident meeting administrators. Valuable tips and techniques are included.

Target Audience

This minute taking training course is designed for people with all levels of experience, who wish to improve their effectiveness at taking minutes of meetings. It is highly practical and particularly helpful to those new to taking minutes, or the administration of meetings.

Course Aim

The aim of the minute taking course is to help participants to take and write better minutes of meetings and to do so more easily and speedily.

Delivered ‘in-house’, the taking minutes training course is run in the context of a meeting in a ‘boardroom’ format. During the training, delegates undertake all the actions needed to fulfill the role of a meeting administrator and minute taker.

Course Objectives

By the end of this one-day course, the participants will have:

  • Identified all the actions needed to prepare and set up a meeting effectively to ensure maximum attendance
  • Learnt how to write and issue agendas and convening notices
  • Worked with the chairman during the meeting, and obtained his/her help with their minute taking
  • Discussed how to behave confidently and assertively as a key person at meetings
  • Obtained clarification and identified the decisions of the meeting
  • Taken notes during a meeting and converted them into effective minutes
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Course Overview

  • Preparing for an effective meeting
    • Types of meetings
    • Duties of a meeting administrator – before, during and after a meeting
    • Preparing the meeting room – identifying the participants
    • Revolving flipchart exercise, review of checklist, facilitated whole group discussion
  • Meeting agendas
    • Producing agendas and convening notices
    • Facilitator presentation, pairs exercise, facilitated group review
  • Contributing at the meeting
    • Taking notes
    • Supporting the chair
    • Obtaining clarification assertively
    • Facilitated group discussion, pairs practice exercise, facilitated learning review
  • Minute writing
    • Format
    • Best practice
    • Timescales
    • Small group exercise, facilitated group review and discussion
  • Practice meeting
    • Contributing agenda item
    • Leading agenda point discussion
    • Effective minute taking
    • Large group simulated meeting exercise, with facilitated group review
  • Minute taking practice
    • Review of notes
    • Converting notes into final minutes
    • Individual exercise, facilitated group review
  • Action planning and reflection
    • Review of learning and action planning, course feedback
    • Individual reflection, action planning exercise with co-coaching, facilitated group review 

The minute taking training will be supported with:

  • An optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading on minute taking
  • A colour printed workbook with presentation tips, techniques and space for personal notes

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Written by Kim Larkins

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Download the training course overview for minute taking, by clicking the link below:

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A fantastic training course – atmosphere was brilliant. I leave this training course with more confidence and assertiveness and no longer afraid to take the minutes at any meeting.


Very enjoyable and interesting- will certainly help when taking minutes in the future.


I have never done minute taking before, but will be very soon in my new role. I found all the information in this course extremely useful and thought it was structured perfectly. I thought all the exercises were great and our instructor was very interesting and used examples that related to my role. Literature provided is very good.


It was an excellent course, very useful and also tips to make things easier, even after all this time of writing minutes.


Very informative a real confidence boost!

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Booking Information

Our one-day minute taking course is delivered as “in-house training” at your business premises anywhere in the UK, or at a venue of your choice.
Contact us for pricing or to discuss your needs.

Training Dates

Training dates are flexible to suit your needs.

In-House Training

The minute taking training is run at your business premises anywhere in the UK, or at a venue of your choice. At present, no public course is scheduled. Contact us for pricing or to discuss your needs.

In-House Training Locations

We have local trainers across the UK who can deliver in-house minute taking courses in the following locations:

  • London and the South East
  • Cambridge
  • Exeter
  • Norwich and East Anglia
  • Leeds and Bradford
  • Oxford and Swindon
  • Manchester and the North West
  • Southampton and Bournemouth
  • Birmingham and the Midlands
  • Nottingham
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff and South Wales
  • Devon, Cornwall and the South West
  • Newcastle
  • Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland

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