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Develop your interpersonal skills with our Emotional Intelligence course.

A practical two-day emotional intelligence course giving useful insights into how emotions shape our behaviour and how we can use this to inspire high performance.

Target Audience

Emotional intelligence training is perfect for individuals who want to understand more about how emotions impact on people and how we choose the impact of our behaviour. Courses like this one are also ideal as part of a leadership development programme and can be tailored to meet specific goals.

Course Aim

To increase participants’ knowledge of "EQ" and to improve their interpersonal and intra-personal skills, adaptability, stress management and general mood.

Our emotional intelligence course builds an understanding of how emotions shape who we are, how we relate to others and how to improve relationships. Participants will leave with tools that shine a light on what EQ is and how to use it to great effect.

Course Objectives

By the end of this two-day emotional intelligence training course, the participants will have:

  • Gained an insight into emotional intelligence, what it is and how you can use it
  • Developed an awareness of the BarOn EQ-i model, used to measure emotional intelligence
  • Developed self awareness and self management of personal emotions
  • Explored ways to advance personal emotional intelligence
  • Recognised emotions in others, responding to those emotions in order to inspire high performance
  • Understood the consequences of behaviour and weigh decisions before action
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Course Overview

  • Definition of EQ is and its key components – BarOn EQ-i
  • Occupational EQ and self-awareness
  • Empathy & relationships for improved communications
  • Managing your own emotions to positive outcomes
  • Understanding change & others – difference in communication and decision-making
  • Self-motivation & SOCS problem-solving

Course Methods

The latest thinking on EQ will be shared with the group and there will be regular opportunities for skills practice in both small and larger groups. Skills will be reviewed for continuous improvement.

  • The learning will have four fundamental principles which will be:
    1. Highly engaging (methods that talk to the ‘head and heart’)
    2. Interactive (mix of experience, discussion and practice)
    3. Innovative (latest thinking & tools) and…
    4. Encourage participation (a ‘Socratic’ learning methodology applied) so that delegates take ownership of their own development and future behaviour.

The emotional intelligence training will be supported with:

  • An optional participant pre-course questionnaire
  • A set of colour printed course materials with space for personal notes

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Written by Kim Larkins

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Download the course overview for emotional intelligence training by clicking the link below:

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Demystified/made a seemingly complex topic seem not complex at all.


Very informative. It took a while for us to get our ‘F’ heads on but it has been very educational.


Very insightful content and form. Good programme. Dynamic – Great – I feel ‘happy’ on this 2 days training and will relay to my team.

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Booking Information

The emotional intelligence course is delivered as “in-house training” in London and the South East of the UK, or at a venue of your choice. Contact us for pricing or to discuss your needs.

Training Dates

Flexible to suit client needs.

In-House Training Locations

We can deliver in-house emotional intelligence training courses to companies across the UK, with local trainers in the following locations and regions:

  • London and the South East
  • The Thames Valley – including Reading, Slough, Maidenhead, Oxford and Swindon
  • Birmingham and the Midlands
  • Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire areas
  • The South including Southampton and Portsmouth

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