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Practical one-to-one leadership coaching for remote working team managers

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Leadership Coaching

Given the current challenges and potential emotional strain on your leaders and managers because of Covid-19, we think you’ll like our ‘quick productive impact coaching solutions’.

Available as a one-off 2 hour session, or a series of ‘1 hour bite-size’ leadership coaching sessions and run with our highly effective and experienced Leadership Coaches.

Apart from the financial challenges businesses are facing, here are examples of some of the challenges that we can help you with:

The Proactive Leader:

  • Leading your business remotely
  • Maintaining your culture and values through change
  • Communicating your interim vision with impact to stakeholders, customers and staff
  • Communicating your successes with empathy to maintain staff morale and engagement
  • Maintaining personal resilience and motivation
  • Sending compelling emails to large audiences
  • Facilitating collaboration across your leadership team

The Proactive Manager

  • The fundamentals of managing staff remotely
  • Remotely managing staff performance
  • Setting interim objectives for the remote employee
  • Handling unplanned absence
  • Managing through change and uncertainty
  • Managing different staff stresses through change
  • Maintaining staff motivation and engagement through ‘Furlough’
  • Managing staff health and wellbeing whilst working remotely
  • Managing staff health and safety whilst working in the home
  • Creating a remote work / life balance through continual change
  • Reintroducing staff back to the workplace culture
  • The ‘fit’ employee

The Proactive Business:

  • Managing remote client relationships
  • Marketing your business for success through adverse times
  • Predicting the end users ever changing needs
  • Introducing & selling short term virtual products & services for a changing world

Duration: Series of 1 hour sessions, or a one-off 2 hour session

Participant Numbers: 1

Virtual Meeting Platform: KSL’s preferred training platform for leadership coaching is Zoom. However, we can use your meeting platform of choice.


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    Minimum No. of Course Participants is 3, read why