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This self-help guide provides practical tips to prepare candidates for SHL OPQ or SHL ability tests.

Split over four pages, it is designed to help you prepare mentally and physically before any SHL assessment, providing preparation tips for the different types of SHL psychometric tests, including Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and OPQ. The guide also includes information about the format and content of SHL tests as well as their objectives.

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The information in this guide has been prepared by KSL Training. Should you not be able to find the information you are looking for, please contact KSL Training or visit SHL Direct for further help and advice.

Contact SHL On-Demand

SHL can be contacted by telephone on 0208 335 8000 (from within the UK) or dial +44 208 335 8000 from outside the UK. The SHL On-Demand Technical Support Helpdesk can be reached on (0870) 070 8000 or dial +44 207 022 8999 for international support from outside the UK.

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