Minimum course participants

Confused why the minimum number of participants on our courses is 3?

This is because we run our courses ‘in-house’, at the business premises of our client. As a result, we need a minimum number of participants to successfully run the small group activities included in our courses.

Training at your offices

Are you making a training enquiry on behalf of a company? If so, take a moment to consider whether other members of the team would benefit from training, if it were held at your offices. Our in-house training starts from just £625 + VAT, making this an affordable option. We can customise the training to your needs too.

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Open courses

At the present time, we don’t run ‘open courses’, for just one person to attend. If you are an individual looking to book one place on a public course, we recommend you look for an alternative training provider with an Internet Search Engine.

For example, if you are looking for complaint training for one person, in London, try a web search for ‘complaint training open course + London’.


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