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Psychometric testing service

KSL Training is an approved UK partner of Talent Q, to supply and administer Talent Q tests and assessment systems.

We provide a fast and efficient Talent Q psychometric testing and behavioural profiling service to hiring organisations and recruitment and selection companies worldwide. In addition, we also help individuals who are about to undergo assessment, or wish to use psychometric tests for personal development or career development.

About our Psychometric Testing Service

  • Professional help choosing Talent Q products – Our friendly team will take time to understand your selection needs and ensure you make the right product choices.
  • Buy Talent Q tests online – Our clients can buy Talent Q psychometric tests direct from the KSL Training website, using a credit card, via Paypal. Purchasing restrictions apply on Talent Q Elements tests. Please contact us to place an order.
  • Test administration – You will receive informative and easy-to-read psychometric reports when the candidate/s have completed the assessment/s. Reports are usually administered and sent to you within 24 hours during the working week, except during UK Bank Holidays.
  • Optional candidate feedback – By telephone, face to face and/or automated reports.
  • Full consultancy support – On all Talent Q products.

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Assessment Systems

In summary, three main Talent Q assessment systems are offered – these are Dimensions, Elements and MultiView; details of which follow:

  • Talent Q Dimensions – An innovative personality questionnaire which can be used from senior management roles to managerial, professional, graduate and supervisory levels across all industry sectors and job functions.

    Download an example Dimensions Report

  • Talent Q Elements– consists of three types of psychometric tests:
    • Verbal Reasoning – Measures the candidate’s ability to understand written information and their comprehension
    • Numerical Reasoning – Determines the candidate’s numerical reasoning abilities relating to tabulated data
    • Logical Reasoning – Measures the candidates flexibility and their capacity for conceptual and analytical thought
  • MultiView – A practical, efficient and flexible online 360 degree feedback questionnaire which identifies the strengths and development needs of employees, as perceived by themselves, their manager and colleagues. As a result, it can help to target performance improvement more effectively

Preparing For a Test?

If you are preparing to take a test, Talent Q provide a free candidate’s guide which provides useful information on Talent Q Elements.
In addition, Practice tests are also available, if you need help with preparation. You may also wish to download a sample Elements report.

Our Pricing

The table below details the various types of Talent Q products available, together with our pricing. Contact us to buy tests.
Please Note: We are not permitted to sell Talent Q Elements tests to private individuals who are about to undergo assessment.

Questionnaire Type

Report Type

Price (Each)

Talent Q Dimensions
Dimensions Narrative Report

An online personality questionnaire to assess key behaviours at work.

£105 + VAT

Talent Q Dimensions
Additional Dimensions Report:

  • Team Profile
  • Behavioural Type at Work Profile
  • Derailment Report
  • Sales Profile
  • Interview Guide

Note: Each report is £25 + VAT

£25 + VAT

Talent Q Elements
Ability Test
book icon
Verbal Reasoning

Measures the candidate’s ability to understand written information.

£40 + VAT

Talent Q Elements
Ability Test
Numerical Reasoning

Measures the candidate’s understanding of tables of numerical data and their ability to make logical deductions.

£40 + VAT

Talent Q Elements
Ability Test
Logical Reasoning

Assesses the candidate’s problem solving capabilities and their capacity for conceptual and analytical thought.

£40 + VAT

Talent Q Multiview
360 Feedback
Multiview 360 Feedback Report

A 360-degree feedback system. In summary, it identifies the development needs and strengths of individuals based on the views of themselves, their direct reports, their manager and peers.

£250 + VAT

Telephone Feedback
(To UK landline or mobile)

Optional feedback for the candidate, by KSL Training. Price is per test.

  • Dimensions
  • Elements

Dimensions: £85 + VAT

Elements: £25 + VAT

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Talent Q Psychometric Reports

In summary, the following add-on psychometric reports are available with Talent Q Dimensions, priced at £25 each:

  • Trait Profile – Useful in both recruitment and development contexts, it measures 15 dimensions designed to reflect 15 common competencies used within many organisations
  • Narrative Report – Describes the respondent’s typical behavioural styles at work – usually read by the commissioning client
  • Team Profile – Identifies the individual’s typical way of behaving in a team. The results can be combined for multiple respondents to provide a greater insight into a whole team, supporting development
  • Behavioural Type at Work Profile – Provides feedback on an individual’s typical behaviour at work referencing Jung’s and A/B personality types. Useful to support development or as part of a conflict management process
  • Sales Profile – Useful to identify development needs where selling and influencing are key to a role
  • Derailment Report – This report looks at 8 styles or behavioural patterns known as ‘derailers’ which can be indicators of ‘burn-out’ of an individual or a high potential individual having become ‘de-railed’
  • Elements Report – Provides the test results of the Talent Q Elements Numerical, Verbal and Logical Reasoning Tests relative to the comparison group
  • Role Match Profile – Provides quick identification of risk in a recruitment setting by contrasting an individual’s typical behaviour in relation to 15 important Dimensions
  • Interview Guide – Compares and contrasts an individual’s typical behaviour with a user determined Role Profile identifying likely strengths and weakness areas

Please contact KSL Training for help and support with the Talent Q Dimensions personality questionnaire. We offer professional consultancy support and a fast turnaround service to assist your HR department with recruitment and selection. In addition, we can also advise on the use of psychometric testing in a development context.

Other Psychometric Testing Options

As well as Talent Q, KSL Training’s portfolio of psychometric tests and assessment systems also includes SHL products, including SHL OPQ and SHL Ability Tests. Follow the links below for more information on these products:

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