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Talent Q

KSL Training is a UK partner of Talent Q, licensed to supply and administer Talent Q tests and assessment systems.

We provide a fast and efficient Talent Q psychometric testing and behavioural profiling service. Our clients include hiring organisations, as well as recruitment and selection companies.

In addition, we also provide help for candidates who are about to undergo assessment, or wish to use psychometric tests for personal development.


See our Talent Q prices.

About our Psychometric Testing Service

  • Professional help choosing Talent Q products – Our friendly team take time to understand your selection needs. As a result, we can help you choose the best psychometric tests, for your hiring job role.
  • Buy Talent Q tests online – KSL clients can purchase Talent Q psychometric tests direct from our website, by credit card, via PayPal. Purchasing restrictions apply on Talent Q Elements tests. Please contact us to place an order.
  • Test administration – You will receive informative and easy-to-read psychometric reports when the candidate/s have completed the assessment/s. Reports are usually administered and sent to you within 24 hours during the working week, except during UK Bank Holidays.
  • Optional candidate feedback – By telephone, face to face and/or automated reports.
  • Full consultancy support – On all Talent Q products.

Please contact us to buy Talent Q tests. We will provide a PayPal link.

Talent Q Assessment Systems

In summary, two main Talent Q assessment systems are offered – these are Dimensions and Elements; details of which follow:

  • Talent Q Dimensions – A customisable personality questionnaire, which can be used for supervisory level, graduate, professional and managerial roles, as well as senior management. See Dimensions report options.
  • Talent Q Elements– Consists of three types of psychometric tests:
    • Verbal Reasoning – Measures the candidate’s ability to understand written information, as well as their comprehension.
    • Numerical Reasoning – Determines the candidate’s numerical reasoning abilities relating to tabulated data.
    • Logical Reasoning – Measures the candidates flexibility, as well as their capacity for conceptual and analytical thought.

Preparing For a Talent Q Test?

If you are preparing to take a Talent Q test as part of a recruitment and selection process, you may wish to complete a Talent Q Elements Practice Test.

Talent Q Pricing

The table below details the various types of Talent Q products available, as well as our pricing. Contact us to buy tests.


Please note: We are not permitted to sell Talent Q tests to private individuals who are about to undergo assessment.



Talent Q Elements Test Bundle #1

For testing one candidate. Includes:

  • One Talent Q Numerical Test
  • One Talent Q Verbal Test

Each test takes 8 to 11 minutes to complete.

£85.00 + VAT

Talent Q Elements Test Bundle #2

For testing one candidate. Includes:

  • One Talent Q Numerical Test
  • One Talent Q Verbal Test
  • One Talent Q Logical Test

Each test takes 8 to 15 minutes to complete.

£120.00 + VAT

Talent Q Dimensions

An online personality questionnaire to assess key behaviours at work.

Includes the Dimensions Narrative Report and Dimensions Candidate Report, as well as 15 minutes client feedback by telephone or Skype, to discuss the results.

One questionnaire needed per candidate.
About 25 minutes to complete.

£115.00 + VAT

Add-on Talent Q Dimensions Reports

The following additional reports are available:

  • Team Profile
  • Behavioural Type at Work Profile
  • Sales Profile
  • Derailment Report
  • Potential Report
  • Development Profile
  • Development Feedback Report
  • Role Match Profile
  • Interview Guide

Find out more about these optional reports

Important Note: Each report is £30 + VAT. These add-on reports require the purchase of a Talent Q Dimensions Narrative Report at £115 + VAT.

£30.00 + VAT

Candidate Telephone Feedback

Optional feedback for one candidate, via Skype.
Also available by telephone (UK landline or mobile only).

Price is per test, or questionnaire.

£25.00 + VAT



Please contact us to buy Talent Q tests.

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