Meeting facilitation

Meeting facilitation

In business and organisations today, there are often times when teams and groups of individuals come together to decide important issues. During these high profile events, an external, totally neutral meeting facilitator provides you with the most appropriate environment for delivering maximum business results, improving the overall effectiveness of the meeting.

KSL’s training consultants can also provide detailed Meeting Facilitator Guides for in-house training and briefings.


Meeting facilitation helps get the best from the team meeting and helps maximise the session’s effectiveness. The meeting facilitator will provide you with:-

  • The quickest and most effective route to achieving the group’s objective
  • Challenge the group’s thinking to help the group achieve the best outcome
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment to encourage all group members to maximise their contributions


We also offer some useful free resources on these group facilitation topics:


Examples of when an external meeting facilitator could be highly beneficial are:-

  • A critical or an annual team meeting
  • A set of business project team meetings
  • Action Learning Set meetings
  • When the team leader wishes to participate as a team member

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