Assessment centres

Research shows that Assessment Centres provide the greatest predictor of success for selecting the right candidate for a job. This is because the candidate is asked to perform job related tasks whilst objectively observed and measured against a set of pre-determined organisational measures, usually behavioural competencies.

Development Centres use a similar approach, identifying the most crucial areas for growth against organisational or job measures for development but are supported with helping individuals consider how best to achieve their aspirations.

Assessment Centre Design

We offer a bespoke assessment centre design to meet your specific measures and way of working. We will either run the assessment or development centre for you, or work with you to ensure your team are fully briefed before the first centre is run. To ensure the validity of the design, we will select the right set of exercises and/or tests for the job role and identify which exercises will measure the respective competencies within your competency or behavioural framework.


  • Assessor Briefing: We will produce written Assessor briefs for each of the exercises and provide a verbal briefing. This ensures that each Assessor/Observer for your Assessment Centre is clear on the purpose; how to run and assess each exercise.
  • Co-ordinator Briefing: A full guide will be produced for the person co-ordinating the Assessment Centre on the day, including all the exercises, observer and candidate assessment sheets along with some checklists to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Documentation: We will produce the observation forms for each exercise as well as the overall candidate assessment sheets to capture their performance.
  • Co-ordination: We will co-ordinate and run the assessment or development centre for you, or in collaboration with some of your line managers or HR practitioners. When running Development Centres we can provide development ideas e.g. customer service training ideas or training solutions e.g. in-house training to support the development needs identified.


  • Presentation Briefs: For job roles, such as sales and marketing, where making presentations are an essential component of the role, we can design a presentation brief for the candidate to present one of your products or services to your customers. You will then see how the candidate would perform in the selected job role.
  • Group Exercises: With a business case study in hand with a specific role to take, a structured group exercise is ideal for measuring a candidate’s ability to work as part of a team, generate ideas and solve problems, and manage tasks within a specific time frame. We have designed a range of business scenarios from producing a plan for the opening of a new Leisure Centre, expanding a small computer business, to producing a press statement in response to a scathing report on a medicinal product. Please contact us for an example introduction to assessment centre group exercises.
  • Role Play Exercises: These are ideal for job roles such as sales and customer service, where you want to assess the candidate’s ability to engage with an external or internal customer. We can also design role play briefs to assess crucial management tasks such as coaching or performance managing an employee.
  • Knowledge Test: For job roles that require a competent level of industry knowledge or legislation that is vital prior to selection, for example Pharmaceutical sales, Health & Safety or Research roles, we will work with you to produce a relevant test.
  • Competency Based Interview: As research shows, past behaviour is a good predicator of future performance. We will design an Interview Guide with structured questions for all of your competencies to cover both first and second interview. This will help to ensure consistency across all the candidates, and be a tool that you can use on an ongoing basis for selection. We can provide your assessors with Competency Based Interview Training.

Psychometric Testing

KSL Training supply a range of psychometric testing tools which are ideal for use within an assessment centre, including SHL ability and aptitude tests, together with personality profiling tools like SHL OPQ and Talent Q Dimensions.

As a CEB/SHL small business partner with an on-line testing service, we are well placed to offer you a wide range of personality, reasoning ability, job specific and IT skills assessments.

Our main experience of designing and running Assessment and Development Centres comes from working within the Pharmaceutical, Retail, Tele-Marketing, and Hospitality Industry, assessing a range of specialism and job levels. Please contact us to discuss your specific assessment needs so that we can suggest a bespoke assessment solution to meet your needs.

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