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Feel confident with your new-found sales skills.
Basic sales training for beginners, with no previous selling experience.

Target Audience

This one-day sales for non-sales people training course is ideal for consultants, experts and professionals who are moving into a role that involves selling. The training is suitable for those who need to understand the sales process and underlying skills and behaviour.

We also offer a wide range of sales training courses to meet different sales capabilities, as well as bespoke training programmes to meet specific organisation goals.

Course Aim

  • This one-day basic selling skills course introduces participants to tools and techniques for selling in a way that makes it easy for buyers to buy. It also builds delegates’ confidence when making the initial contact with the potential client or customer.
  • As a follow-on to this sales training for beginners, we offer a two-day intermediate sales training course aimed at consultants, experts and professionals. This follow-on course develops the delegates’ selling skills in progressing the sale, gaining customer commitment and overcoming customer concerns and objections.
  • To underpin our sales training, we help participants to understand the psychology and principles of buying and selling.

Course Objectives

By the end of this one-day basic selling skills training, the participants will have:

  • Understood how customers buy and the sales process to match the buying cycle
  • Recognised their beliefs about selling
  • Created a great first impression and professional opening to a sales conversation
  • Demonstrated how to listen effectively and to ask questions to uncover needs and opportunities
  • Practised introducing services and products as benefits to meet the customer needs
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Course Overview

  • Introduction to selling
    • Perceptions and beliefs about selling and sales people
    • Understanding the sales and buying cycle
    • Stages of the consultative sales model
    • Individual and group exercises, facilitated group discussion
  • Opening a sales discussion
    • Purpose of the discussion
    • Key elements of the opening
    • Practise in small groups
    • Group exercise with facilitated group review, practise sessions with feedback
  • Uncovering needs – listening
    • Barriers to listening and active listening
    • Listening skills practise
    • Pairs activity with facilitated group review, presentation
  • Uncovering needs – questioning
    • Types of questions, questioning funnel
    • Summarising
    • Questioning skills practise
    • Presentation, group exercise, practical activities in pairs
  • Proposing a solution
    • Meeting a need
    • Features and benefits
    • Small group exercise and presentation with review
  • Personal preparation and practise
    • Applying customer contact model
    • Practise sessions in small group with feedback, group learning review
  • Applying the learning and next steps
    • Review of learning, action planning and activity
    • Sales training course feedback

The basic sales skills training will be supported with:

  • An optional participant pre-course questionnaire and/or pre-course reading introducing basic sales techniques for non-sales people.
  • A colour printed workbook with selling tips, techniques and space for personal notes

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Written by Kim Larkins

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Download the course overview for sales for non sales training, by clicking the link below:

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Full of energy and motivational.
Sarah Barnett, Peach Professional*


Excellent! Found the course really useful. It has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to be able to interact with others in a selling arena.
Ian Williamson, Peach Professional*


Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Helped me to identify the skills that I already have but didn’t have the confidence to use.
Michelle Clarkson, Peach Professional*


Jacqueline was a great trainer, putting up with all and any distractions and giving us a brilliant training session.
Dannielle Watt,*


Very enjoyable and useful. The team appear to have absorbed a great deal. I look forward to following up.
Peter Wellock, Head of Service,*

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