Call charges to KSL Training

In late 2015, we changed our main telephone number to a regular geographic landline – (01635) 890450 or +44 1635 890450, when calling from outside the UK. This was done to help our customers, who now benefit from lower call charges. We still retain our 0845 number, as this is listed on a number of websites and directories.

From 1st July 2015 UK-based organisations are required by Ofcom to display the cost of calls to 084, 087 or 09 numbers. In order to meet this requirement, this page lists the service charges you will pay to call the KSL Training 0845 office number.

Service Charges

Calls made to our telephone number (0845) 224 3971 are charged as follows:-


PPC (Pence per call) – note 1

PPM (Pence per minute) – note 2

PPM delay – note 3

Cost summary

(0845) 224 3971




5ppc + 5ppm after 60 seconds

  • Note 1: Pence Per Call (PPC) is the connection charge. Once connected this charge is applied immediately.
  • Note 2: Pence Per Minute (PPM) is the cost you are charged per minute, whilst the call is connected.
  • Note 3: Pence Per Minute Delay (PPM Delay), is the time it takes before the PPM billing starts, after you are connected.


The call charges listed below exclude the access charge that your telephone provider or phone company will charge you to make a call to KSL Training. Please contact your phone company for details.


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